AJ-A provides full architectural design, construction administration, planning and zoning analysis, as well as interior design services. Project types include Commercial Core and Shell, Commercial Tenant Improvements, Retail, Health Care, Residential, Institutional, and Building Retrofits. 


This stage occurs at the onset of the project prior to design. AJ-A researches user requirements through interviews, site analysis, and historical research. Then, the data is curated into a package listing the program spaces, their areas, and specific requirements. Adjacencies between programs are carefully studied to optimize work flow, acoustic control, and environmental comfort. Schedules are projected for design and construction periods as well as any phasing requirements for the project. 

Master Planning

AJ-A takes an integrative approach to developing a Master Plan. Through close collaboration with Clients and Consultants, planning targets the most sustainable, innovative, and flexible solutions for urban and rural sites. Services include visioning, strategic planning, feasibility studies and site assessment, urban design, design guidelines, and planning regulations.

Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies

AJ-A provides front-end analysis and reports for building assessments. Services include architectural code studies, space planning, pre-application meetings with Building and Planning jurisdictions, and MEP assessments through our Consultant Team.