The Edible Schoolyard
Berkeley, CA
300 square feet

The Edible Nest sits on what was once a vacant lot, now reclaimed as the Edible Schoolyard Project, a thriving garden with vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers adjacent to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. Alice Waters, founder of the Chez Panisse Foundation, created the Edible Schoolyard to educate and engage urban public school students in the growing, harvesting, and preparation of seasonal produce.

The Edible Nest is comprised of continuous steel rods which are interlaced among a series of elliptical steel hoops. The rods are woven into a pattern to provide a passage for the students and a framework for kiwi vines to grow. Materials were sourced locally and fabricated entirely on site with excavation help from students. The appearance of the Nest is tied to the vines’ growth over the year, becoming more open during the dormant winter season and then more enclosed in the leafy summer months.

Project Team: Alexander Jermyn, Alexander Terry, Ivan Terry