Lamprich Center
Willits, CA
16,000 square feet

The Lamprich Medical Center is an OSHPD 3 facility featuring a combined program which includes an Outpatient Rural Health Clinic, a Rehabilitation Clinic, a Retail Pharmacy and Administrative Offices.  This ground-up building was completed in November 2015, one year after its initial design start date.  

The siting and circulatory requirements within a greater Regional Health Care Campus informed both the form as well as the programmatic layout of the building.  Public access through the building to the adjacent Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital serves as the principal organizing feature, dividing the building into two gabled wings.   

The simplicity of the form is punctured by skylit interior corridors and warm cedar cut-outs at each of the main points of entry.  Careful detailing and harmonized materials encourage a therapeutic spatial quality both inside and out.


Project Team: Alexander Jermyn, Sarah Ebner, Daniela Tenorio, Niknaz Aftahi, Vincent Barry, Jonathan Cotté                                              

Client: Frank R. Howard Foundation
Tenant: Adventist Health
Design Builder: Helmer and Sons Inc.