Forward Health
San Francisco, CA
3,200 square feet

Forward Health is a new medical office providing an innovative form of preventative care, bringing together data-driven technology, A.I., wearable sensors and 24/7 mobile access to redefine the healthcare paradigm. Alexander Jermyn Architecture was selected to design a careful integration of spatial and virtual strategies to ensure a fluid experience for the member.

The sequence begins with checking in at an I-pad counter followed by a full vitals body scan of weight, height, pulse, and blood pressure. Within the consult room, the doctor and member engage directly with the aid of an interactive touch screen. Similar to the app, this touch screen provides immediate feedback for the member's health plan.

Each element is reflective of the design brand through a curated palette. The public and member spaces are defined by a series of white oak surrounds which highlight the programmed sequence for the member. These wood elements recall an inviting, residential ambiance, spatially redefining preconceived notions of the typical doctor's office. The space is a lit by a series of carefully programmed lighting fixtures. As natural light varies throughout the day so does the lighting within the space to better synchronize to circadian rhythms.

Project Team: Alexander Jermyn, Sarah Ebner, Tim Wai, Karina Andreeva, Daniela Tenorio
Architect: Alexander Jermyn Architecture
Photography: Jeremy Bittermann
Contractor: GCI Construction
Lighting Design: Hiram Banks Lighting Design